I'm Liam Piesley, a computer science undergraduate at Newcastle University.

I'm currently half way through a placement year at Nissan, writing software that helps ship cars all around europe! I've met loads of cool people and learned a lot from all the devs.

I'm currently looking for a summer placement for 2019 ;)

Some Projects:

> 2048 - A 2048 clone written in javascript over a couple days during my placement induction.

> emojiPad - A minimal emoji keyboard.

> Kino - A cinema website mockup made for a team project during my placement induction.

> CodingBat - A copy of all my solutions to some practice programming problems.

> Go - Go Board Game (work in progress)

> Algorithms - Website to explain the algorithms fundamental to computer science (work in progress)

> Zorki - A website to help sell my camera (work in progress)

Other Stuff:

> instagram - Old cameras are cool

> linkedIn - Jobs are cool too

[This page is under construction]